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Supercharged Business Outreach.

Enable your platform with Storm’s high-powered communication tools.

”  Users were associating the success of working our leads with the 3rd Party dialer, instead of with us. We wanted to change that, and integrating Storm not only fixed that but increased ARR.  “

Curtis Fenn  COO, REDX

”  Most real estate tech companies are focused on two things: lead generation and customer management (CRM)… they under spend on lead follow-up (as do their clients) “

Jack Miller  CTO, T360

How Storm Works

Storm App is integrated within your platform using a set of javascript libraries that you can call.

With just a few lines of code, the Storm Dialer UI is loaded as a modular toolbar directly into your platform.

Keep your customers inside your platform

The Storm Dialer App is controlled by your platform through a combination of the javascript libraries or restful APIs. With basic API calls, you can have your platform load a set of phone numbers to call within the app, load the dialer user-interface, and get your clients calling with the efficiency of an enterprise-grade dialer — without ever leaving your platform.

Best of all, your platform can see everything happening behind the scenes with the dialer—busy signals, bad phone numbers, voicemail drops, etc., and record it all within your platform.

State-of-the-art Communication Tools


Enterprise-grade dialer for calling clients without leaving your platform (CRM)


Enabling you to stay in touch with your client using any platform anywhere with SMS


Easy communication with leads and customers

Seamless integration, enterprise-grade reliability and fault tolerance, and a breathless user-interface.

All in a small toolbar that fits easily into your platform.

CRM Integration

Multiple Lines



Single Line

Call Using Browser

Dial Multiple Numbers

Call Recording

Lead Status Updates

Mobile Companion

Enhanced Voicemail

Feature Requests

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